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Just a Couple Examples of Things We Do

Custom Cabinet Refacing

Custom Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Remodel using Brookhaven Cabinetry

Using Brookhaven

Using Pioneer

Using Pioneer

Pioneer Cabinetry has been a manufacturer of semi-custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry ...

What Our Clients Say

Bryan,  We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our kitchen cabinet reface.  It turned out even better than we expected!  You stated that we must be 100% satisfied at the final time of payment and we were.  We would recommend you to anyone.  The workmanship spoke for itself.  Thanks again for our new kitchen.  We will keep you in mind for any new improvements.

– Greg and Sandy S.

Bryan & Carrie-

We love our cabinets, sink & countertops!  Thanks so much for all your flexibility, good humor, and hard work.  It has been great fun trying restore the old kitchen space, and once again we were impressed with your work.

Thanks again!

– Robert

Dear Bryan,

It’s been almost a year since I first contacted you about designing our kitchen.  I have never been sorry I did that.
I’ve so enjoyed the past five months of using my “meat” kitchen.  It’s user friendly.
Everyone loves it.  I use a table and chairs of black and oak in the dining area.  Looks real sharp.
Carrie thank you so much for all your help, telephone calls, research and etc.
Todd, what can I say, your install a neat kitchen and all the “extra” outlets.  Ha!  Also the lights.  You know what you do best, and that is making a kitchen come together.  Thanks Todd!

Bryan thank you so much for making my kitchen come true.  You’re a great designer and a very caring person.
Everett and I are very happy with the end results of our kitchen.  Again, we’re glad we called you.


– Carole and Everett B.

Thank you so much for the great job you did on our kitchen. It turned out beautiful and we’ve had many compliments on it. Please tell Todd he did a great job for us! We are recommending your business to all our friends.

– Gene and Marilyn L., Findlay, OH

Thank you for all your work on our cabinets, counters, and study built-ins. They are beautiful and we have had many compliments. Your suggestions of the “small” items made a “big” difference on the appearance of our new home. We have proudly told friends and family where we made our selections.

– Bruce and Sandy N., Ada, OH